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Fort Myers Ancillary Probate Lawyers

When a non-Florida resident passes away owning Florida real estate, a specific probate action must be followed according to Florida laws. This process, called ancillary probate, is required to pass the property on to beneficiaries or heirs.

Florida has a large retirement population. In addition, people in neighboring states and across the country buy and enjoy real estate here. As a result, ancillary probate is required, and it is best to work with Florida probate administration lawyers who understand the local laws, rules and procedures.

There are differences between standard probate and ancillary probate. For example, a formal proceeding might not be required if the property is worth less than a specific amount. There are other differences and nuances which can affect the time and cost involved. By working with our Florida probate law firm, you can be assured that we will advise you on all requirements and necessary steps.

The Fort Myers ancillary probate attorneys of O'Halloran & O'Halloran understand this process well. We have more than 35 years of experience serving the needs of Florida clients. Contact us if you have property in Florida. We regularly coordinate with our clients' local counsel to effectively complete both probate and ancillary probate at the same time.

Southwest Florida Ancillary Administration Attorneys

We excel at handling all issues pertaining to probate and estate administration, elder law, estate planning and Medicaid planning. We also represent clients on all family law and divorce matters.

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