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Fort Myers Medicaid Planning Attorneys

Medicaid is public assistance for those who qualify. Not all assets are counted in determining eligibility. For example, your home is generally not an asset that is considered in determining Medicaid eligibility. There are other exempt assets, including money that is the property of a well spouse.

At O'Halloran & O'Halloran, our Medicaid planning lawyers and staff can guide you through the system, protect assets and, at the same time, maintain Medicaid benefits such as the payment of part or all of nursing home care.

Stay Ahead With Smart Planning

By preparing your finances now, you can save yourself from considerable problems down the road when you or your spouse needs nursing home care or other long-term health care. This type of planning applies to everyone and can be useful to minimize the amount of money you spend on health care in the years to come.

Medicaid eligibility is determined based on a government examination of your finances within five years of applying. The advantage of early planning is clear — the sooner you start examining your finances, and start taking specific action, the better your chance of success.

Southwest Florida Elder Law Attorneys

We will advise you on all possible options to secure your Medicaid eligibility for nursing home care. Such options include:

  • Effective estate planning
  • Transferring assets to a trust
  • Creating a spend-down plan
  • Other creative, tailored arrangements

With our assistance, you can get peace of mind, knowing that your assets and your spouse or other family members will have the protection they need.

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