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Resolving Contested and Uncontested Divorces in Florida

Many people who are at the earliest stages of divorce are intimidated by the process. They often do not know what options are available, and they want to make sure their rights are protected.

Whether you and your spouse agree on all aspects of your divorce, or you disagree on some issues, it is important to work with a Fort Myers divorce attorney who can guide you through the process. We use our 35 years of experience to structure solutions for our clients that are supported by the law and the facts of their particular situations. Although some divorce issues are universal, each family is unique. At O’Halloran and O’Halloran we choose to maintain a small and select client base so we can meet the individualized needs and goals of each of our unique clients.

Litigating the Divorce

In litigation, judges – rather than the individual parties – make most of the decisions. Because the goal is to concretely resolve each issue, there are few matters that stay on “middle ground.” As a result, parties may leave feeling like they won or lost ground on certain issues, and it can bring additional hard feelings to the situation. It can take years to recover from the emotional frustrations stirred up during litigation, which can make for challenging reunions at graduations, weddings or other situations involving your children. In addition, paying attorneys to spend hours arguing each issue increases the cost of litigation.


Cooperating to resolve the divorce is ok to leave in often the most cost-effective way to work through divorce. Working with your spouse to make decisions about parenting plans and property division allows you to work at your own pace through high-tension issues. This means the result can be a plan that meets the needs of your family and reflects your mutual desire to respect each other.

Fort Myers Parenting Plans and Time Sharing Attorney

When you contact our firm, we can help you determine the best means to meet your desired divorce goals. We are dedicated to helping you through this difficult time. Learn more about the representation we offer by calling 239-603-6337 to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.