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Establishing Paternity in Florida

In an ideal situation, when a child is born, both parents know about the birth and are willing to share responsibilities for raising this child. In reality, there are numerous situations in which that doesn’t happen. Whether you are a mother who wants your baby’s father to meet his parental responsibilities, or you are a father who is being denied parenting rights, an experienced Fort Myers paternity attorney can help protect your rights.

At O'Halloran & O'Halloran, Attorneys at Law, we have successfully argued both sides of this issue.

Parental Rights and Responsibilities in Paternity Matters

By definition, paternity is the legal establishment of the biological father. Once paternity is established, additional parental rights and responsibilities may also be implemented. In a paternity case, there are usually three things that are accomplished:

  • A father is determined
  • A parenting plan is established
  • Child support is determined

Once biological testing or agreement of the parties determines a man is the father of a baby, a parenting plan can be created to help ensure both parents share responsibilities for raising the child. In most situations, child support arrangements are also then determined, so both parents share the financial responsibilities of raising the child.

In rare cases, paternity can be disestablished.

Contact a Fort Myers Parental Rights Attorney

If you are interested in establishing paternity, it is important to understand the time constraints that come with the process. There are timelines that must be followed, so it is important to contact a lawyer while the child is young. To learn more about the parental rights and responsibilities you will have if paternity is established, call 239-603-6337 to schedule your initial consultation.