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Post Judgment Enforcement & Modification

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Modification and Enforcement of Family Law Decrees

When family law decrees are created, they reflect the current living situations of all the parties involved. However, because our lives are constantly in flux, our needs change. When there is a substantial change in your current circumstances, time-sharing and support arrangements must be modified.

If there has been a substantial change in your current living situations, a Fort Myers divorce modification attorney may be able help you modify any existing family law decree. At O'Halloran & O'Halloran, Attorneys at Law, we work with families throughout Southwest Florida in divorce, enforcement and modification, and support and parenting plan arrangements.

Modifying Divorce Arrangements

As your life evolves over the years, or if there is an unexpected and substantial change in circumstances, you may be able to modify your support arrangements and parenting plan. A substantial change in circumstances could include:

  • Losing your job
  • Working significantly less hours and needing less child care
  • Increased or deceased involvement in raising the children
  • Substantial increase or decrease in income

Post-Judgment Enforcement

Once court orders are put in place, both parties are expected to follow them. If your ex-spouse is not paying child support or alimony, or if he or she has consistently broken parenting arrangements, we have a range of tools available that may help with the enforcement. When feasible, we work with parent coordinators to mediate and arbitrate issues between the parents. If that is ineffective, we may also be able to use legal coercion, which includes punishments through fines, deduction from wages and even jail time.

Contact a Fort Myers Child Support Modification Attorney

Whether your concerns are related to child support, spousal support or parenting plans, we can help make sure your legal arrangements reflect your current lifestyle. Learn more about the legal options you have by scheduling an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. Call 239-603-6337 today.